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I'm so happy

I find no words to describe our weekend and the feelings inside me.

Friday nite at Alpenmax - the first "Ich liebe dich". On this place where we met us the first time. U told my girls that I'm awesome, sexy, that I can move my ass to the music and that u really love me. Thanks for that. And after I had quitting time, we danced together and it was nice. On saturday morning we've kissed and spooned a lot.

And then our sunday - a great spring day. First we sat on my balcony with Michael, Kevin, Kows and Janina. We enjoyed the sun, drank beer, talked and listend to music. Then we drove with Janina, Kows and James to the zoo and it was so funny and lovely. I really, really enjoyed it and I hope there will be much more trips togehter. And after this we had ur the first dinner with my hole family. It was nice. And finally we stand togehter on my balcony, drank a beer, looked at the stars, put our arms around us and told us how happy and lucky we are to have each other. And u told me that u'll show me ur country, and then we'll sit on ur veranda and look to the stars. Romantic.

I save all the unforgettable impressions in my mind and in my heart.

5.3.07 11:49

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Maus (5.3.07 23:50)
Wow - Schnegge *strahl*

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