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Now we know it - we want to be together!

Jessie & Reece

14. Feburar 2007

21.2.07 11:26

The nite was nice, the morning began wonderful and u r looking really sexy in ur uniform. And now we will have the whole weekend for us - I'm happy.


23.2.07 14:47

Our first pics together

Snowboarden - 24. February 2007 on the "Flumserberge".

25.2.07 12:37

It was a great weekend with snowboarding, spooning and having fun together.

I did enjoy having u by my side. To feel and to kiss u.

And this nite u will be here again.

26.2.07 13:46

Yesterday u joined Janina's first swimming lesson with me. I was very proud of her and glad having you by my side.

It was awesome seeing she likes you. She took your hand while we were buying food and she even wanted to brush her teeth with you. As she went to bed you fell asleep while learning. So sweet.

27.2.07 09:42


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