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What should I say? I have the greatest boyfriend. Last week as I was in hospital you was there for me - every day. After my operation you helped me to go on the toilet, you put off my clothes in the bathroom, because I was to weak on my knees. You laid with me in the bed and you did so much other good things to me. And it was nice to see that you missed me too.

Now I'm happy to be back home. And from today we are together every day and every nite. I can't await it.

I love you.


26.3.07 11:16

It was a awesome weekend, like every weekend we had before. We didn't saw us that much, but we went out to dance, drink, have fun and on saturday we did some bowling inside the barracks with my girls.

And tonight it will be our list nite. 'Coz tomorrow you drive me to hospital and I have to stay there a whole week. But we will see us every day. Thats great.

I need you.

18.3.07 19:10

14th March 2007



1 Month

Jessie & Reece 


14.3.07 09:22


I want to write down all impressions from the weekend, but this isn't possible. It was great. Friday to dance, to drink and to have a lot of fun with my girls and with the other soldiers. And thank you again for carrying me home - poor I know - no more sparkling wine from B30.

We laid the hole saturday in bed and in the nite we were at the Seestudio with other friends. It was awesome and we want to go there again.

On sunday we had breakfast in Burger King and then you dived. After this we went for a walk in the sun, we ate a ice and in the afternoon we had our first barbecue in the year with my family. We talked to your mum, changed pictures with her and I think she is a very nice person.

I love it to spend time with you.


13.3.07 06:03

Thanks for making me so happy. I feel great with u by my side. I enjoy every second with u. Yesterday u came to me - to stay the hole nite. I was so glad. And today its friday - weekendtime. I'm pleased to spend it with u.

9.3.07 10:30

For my really sexy soldier...

 ...Ich liebe Dich!

6.3.07 16:03

I'm so happy

I find no words to describe our weekend and the feelings inside me.

Friday nite at Alpenmax - the first "Ich liebe dich". On this place where we met us the first time. U told my girls that I'm awesome, sexy, that I can move my ass to the music and that u really love me. Thanks for that. And after I had quitting time, we danced together and it was nice. On saturday morning we've kissed and spooned a lot.

And then our sunday - a great spring day. First we sat on my balcony with Michael, Kevin, Kows and Janina. We enjoyed the sun, drank beer, talked and listend to music. Then we drove with Janina, Kows and James to the zoo and it was so funny and lovely. I really, really enjoyed it and I hope there will be much more trips togehter. And after this we had ur the first dinner with my hole family. It was nice. And finally we stand togehter on my balcony, drank a beer, looked at the stars, put our arms around us and told us how happy and lucky we are to have each other. And u told me that u'll show me ur country, and then we'll sit on ur veranda and look to the stars. Romantic.

I save all the unforgettable impressions in my mind and in my heart.

5.3.07 11:49

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